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ACT – Formación del DHS

DHS-MN se ha asociado con RADIAS Health para proporcionar formación de calidad a todos los equipos ACT de adultos y jóvenes de Minnesota. Los temas de formación se identificaron a partir de las opiniones de los equipos y los resultados de las revisiones de fidelidad. La formación se impartirá virtualmente y será gratuita para los equipos. Éstas son nuestras ofertas

Eventos en junio 2024

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mayo 27, 2024
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junio 1, 2024
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junio 5, 2024(1 event)

12:00 pm: Vocational Services on ACT Teams - Individual Placement and Support 101

junio 5, 2024


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Trainers: Sarah Schaefer and Julie Duncan


Learn the fundamentals of the IPS model and how to effectively provide employment services to individuals served by ACT teams.  This training will cover each of the eight principles of IPS and review evidence for the model. We will explore how employment helps individuals with their recovery, even if they continue to experience mental health symptoms, substance use disorders, homelessness, or other issues. We will use a case example to demonstrate some of the principles of IPS.



  • Understand the IPS Model and Supporting Research

  • Have ability to apply the practice principles to individuals currently served

  • Distinguish between IPS and other less effective employment models for individuals on ACT teams



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junio 6, 2024
junio 7, 2024
junio 8, 2024
junio 9, 2024
junio 10, 2024
junio 11, 2024
junio 12, 2024(1 event)

10:00 am: Mental Health Medical Mistrust in the African American Community

junio 12, 2024

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Mental Health Medical Mistrust in the African American Community

Presenter: Coral Garner

This training will engage participants in exploring how the history of racism in our communities has led to a pattern of mistrust in mental health care within the African American Community.  Through guided conversation and reflections on learnings from mental health providers, participants will discuss strategies for adjusting practices to navigate medical mistrust while enhancing the delivery of culturally congruent care.


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Virtual Location
junio 13, 2024
junio 14, 2024
junio 15, 2024
junio 16, 2024
junio 17, 2024
junio 18, 2024(1 event)

1:00 pm: Mental Health in the Somali Community

junio 18, 2024


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Trainer: Layla Abdi, LICSW 

This training is for professionals working with Somali immigrants. The goal is to Increase awareness of diversity, expand cultural awareness, competency and improve quality of services for this population, by understanding more of their cultural background and needs. Understand importance of working effectively with appropriate interpreters to reduce disparity in mental health service delivery.


Increase awareness of Somali population

  • Improve quality of service delivery by understanding needs through a cultural lens

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junio 19, 2024
junio 20, 2024
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