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Indigenous Peoples of Minnesota

Nigel is one of RADIAS’ Cultural Consultants. He is enrolled in the Sisseton Wahpeton Oyate, Enemy Swim district, of the Lower Sioux in South Dakota, also has lineage in the Anishinabe tribe, Fon Du lac of Cloquet, MN, & Navajo Nation, Tower Tree clan.

 The training will provide information and education about Indigenous Peoples of Minnesota. Information will include background related to the historical trauma experienced by Indigenous Peoples and the resulting impact on interactions with the medical and mental health treatment communities.  Attendees will complete the training with a basic understanding of some history of the Indigenous Peoples of Minnesota as well as an awareness of how the culture views Western medicine. Focusing on medical mistrust & macroaggressions for this particular presentation, since this was a topic of discussion that many participants in the last training were excited to hear about.