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Supportive Housing

Residential Support Services

The Residential Support Services program provides a combination of support, medication adherence assistance, care navigation, supervision services and housing to people living in four-person homes in Ramsey, Washington, Dakota, and Anoka Counties.

Our RSS program is composed of fourteen homes. Homes are located in Anoka, Ramsey, Washington and Dakota Counties. Each home is designed to support four individuals who struggle with serious mental illness. Some individuals also have a co-occurring substance use disorder. Persons residing in these homes receive as much support as necessary to help with symptom management, activities of daily living, and most importantly, person-centered thinking and planning in working toward an overall recovery goal. Homes have Mental Health Support Specialists on-site for twenty-four hours each day.  Support services are overseen by Mental Health Professionals, and each site has a Lead Mental Health Practitioner. Each person has their own room; each house has several living room areas.

RADIAS Health strives to make mental health services available to all individuals. In addition to billing Medicaid plans, we partner with local Counties, the State, and Health Plans to make services accessible. At intake, we will work with you to identify and understand any costs associated with your care.