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Community-Based Services

Community Competency Restoration

The Community Competency Restoration program is an innovative partnership with Ramsey County.  Practitioners provide assistance and support to individuals who have mental illness and are involved in the criminal justice system, with the ultimate goal of restoring competency in order to resolve legal concerns.

In 2023, RADIAS Health partnered with Ramsey County to provide Competency Restoration Services to individuals who are in the Ramsey County Law Enforcement Center or in the community, are experiencing active symptoms of mental illness, and are in need of coordination and supports to restore competency.  The number of persons in need of this service has increased in recent years; this program is part of a larger effort to provide more coordinated services for people who have mental illness and also have criminal charges.  Individuals served are involved in the Rule 20 process, a Minnesota law that addresses the competency of a defendant in criminal cases.  Services are provided by two Mental Health Practitioners who are supervised by a Mental Health Professional.

RADIAS Health strives to make mental health services available to all individuals. In addition to billing Medicaid plans, we partner with local Counties, the State, and Health Plans to make services accessible. At intake, we will work with you to identify and understand any costs associated with your care.